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Microsoft's flagship graphical operating system for personal computers.

Duke's site license with Microsoft includes access to the Windows operating system for upgrade (or downgrade) only, meaning that each computer on which you install Windows licensed through Duke must already have an "upgrade-eligible operating system" installed and/or licensed to the hardware prior to installation. 

Please read the detailed license information for Windows prior to installing a Duke-licensed copy of Windows on any computer.



Duke does not have a support agreement with Microsoft. No professional support is available under the campus agreement.

Under the terms of Microsoft's license, Windows is available for download and install at no cost for use on: 

  • University-owned computers used on campus 
  • Personally-owned faculty/staff computers used for work-at-home purposes (Permitted only if Windows is installed by Duke IT staff; consult your local IT staff for eligibilty and guidance)

Download information

Upon activation, volume-licensed versions must be connected to Duke's network directly or via a VPN connection at least once every 180 days to re-activate. A special MAK key not requiring this activation may be requested by emailing These requests will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Please view our Microsoft Windows Activation FAQ for more information on activating these versions of Windows.


Multilanguage packs are available by request.  Email